Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter bike project, part 4: Colnago Master mountainbike

Since I purchased the Colnago CX bike I used it on several occasions, mainly on mountainbike courses. Riding it has been a real blast, on and off road. The 6 speed drivetrain functions much smoother than I imagined it would and the bike itself is fast as hell.

One thing is bit frustrating about the bike, namely the fact that it is a one of kind vintage bike in great condition. Why this is a problem? Because every time I crash (a couple of times so far) I keep asking myself why I am using such a lovely bike for this kind of riding. Although I didn't pay very much for the bike, it is worth a lot more than what I paid for it. That is why I decided to go sell off the Colnago and try to find something a bit more suitable.

In the meantime I got my hands on a very nice red anodized ALAN aluminium CX bike, a retro lugged one of course. I have done a hand full of rides on it so far and the flexing front fork really keeps bugging me. That is why I kept looking out for another option and that resulted in a very nice Colnago Master mountainbike that was delivered on my doorstep this week.

It is a second generation wit straight forks, a full Shimano Deore DX groupset and some ITM bits.

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