Saturday, September 29, 2012

Winter bike project, part 3: Roger de Vlaeminck's CX bike

Last weekend I got busy with the paint stripper. First up was the fork. I left the stuff on overnight, but nothing had happened when I checked the next day. Two days later still nothing. Thank god for that, because after I applied the paint stripper, I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the coolest CX bike I have ever laid eyes on: Roger de Vlaeminck's custom built Colnago cyclo cross bike.

As far as I know Colnago only built steel CX bike for professional cyclists. This frame seems to be based on the Colnago Super. The bike features a beautifully drilled and pantographed Campagnolo Nuovo Record parts group, a custom drilled 3TTT stem, Mafac brakes, Mavic Monthlery rims and a Selle Royal saddle. Aside from the saddle, the whole bike in great condition. Given its age (the rear derailleur is stamped 'patent 76') I would say that is pretty unique.

I plan to keep the bike as original as possible. Unfortunately the seatpost is too short for me, so I will be keeping my eyes open for a longer one. The saddle and pedals will also be replaced. Currently the bike is equipped with Challenge Grifo XS tubulars. I am going to give the tubulars a try, but I will probably lace in some clincher rims.

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