Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pearson Weka time trial project, part 1: frame, wheels and handlebars

Recently I picked up a rather special Pearson Weka time trial frame. The frame was made by a builder from New Zealand called Pearson, who is not in business any more. The design is based on the mountain bike frame, built by the same company.

The wheels that came with the frame are 'Elite-Shape', which I believe was a Russian (USSR) company that also made kevlar disc wheels. The wheels look quite fascinating and have seen very little use. According the previous owner Jan Svorada took these with him for the USSR.

I already managed to find an ITM Dual CX handlebar that looks very nice with the frame. The seatpost and the saddle on the pictures are just two items I had lying around. The frame requires a 27.0mm seatpost and the only one I had available was a Suntour Superb Pro. The saddle is an Ultra Pro, made in France. I believe it is the same as the ones made for Corima.

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